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SOTO Desk Pad

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  • SOTO Desk Pad - Steelcase Hong Kong
  • SOTO Desk Pad - Steelcase Hong Kong
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Introducing SOTO Desk Pad

People are happier and more productive when a space supports their specific work requirements and work styles. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing settings, SOTO Desk Pad provides a sense of personal boundary while supporting wrists and forearm.


Front edge of desk pad provides user comfort




17.8 mm (H) × 685.8 mm (W) × 406 mm (D)

Note: SOTO Desk Pad is not for use with bullnose, knife-edge or other non-standard worksurface edges.

*Variance in international shipping times may impact final delivery dates. Stated lead times are indicative and may change depending on stock and production capacity. 



17.8 mm
685.8 mm
406 mm


Steelcase Limited Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Warranty

Mobile caddy, telephone caddy, binder holder, letter trays, launch pad non-powered and screen, functional screen, personal pocket; flat top hanger; wastebasket; footrest, mobile laptop support, laptop shelf, monitor bridge, ergo edge, and desk pad, cable clip, personal hook, toolbox, set of small boxes

12 Years Warranty

Eyesite/Plurio, CF Series/FSMA, Volley, CPU supports and keyboard supports, monitor arm, lighting fixtures for dash

5 Years Warranty

Launch pad powered, lighting components for dash LED

3 Years Warranty

USB charging station


12 Years Warranty

Laminate, wood veneer and solid surface, all standard vertical surface textiles all standard surface textiles

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SOTO Desk PadTypically ships in 7 - 21 business days
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