Smith System Oodle - Steelcase Hong Kong
Smith System Oodle - Steelcase Hong Kong
Smith System Oodle - Steelcase Hong Kong
Smith System Oodle - Steelcase Hong Kong

Smith System Oodle

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Introducing Oodle
(For 12 years old and below)

Learning from home? Instead of a chair, pull up an Oodle. Award-winning designers Joe Ricchio and Charlie Patterson created this casual, simple and multi-functional, design, ideal for collaborative learning and common areas. Bold and graphic in form, this movement-optional seat makes it easy to gather in a circle, set up at a table or stack up at a counter.


  • Playful bold graphic form

  • Designed for active learning

  • Stack and lock design can be split apart for lower seating or stacked up for extra height

  • Each set includes 3 stacking components and 3 rocker bases for individual or stacked use

  • Sit still or flip the rocker base over to its convex side for 10º of multi-dimensional rocking motion

  • Rocking base features a stability “stop” at its perimeter for comfort and safety

  • Offers the child and the educator choice to determine the right mode of sitting – active rocking or without motion

  • Units ship in single colour – to mix and match order multiple units


432 mm (dia) × 495 mm (H); Individual components: 165 mm (H)

About Smith System

Smith System is founded around the belief that all students and teachers deserve the best possible spaces to inspire learning. For more than a century, they have provided smart, flexible and durable furniture, that addresses the unique needs of students, the demands of the curriculum and the realities of space, maintenance and budget for the K-12 market.

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