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You can depend on us. Our Products. Our Services. Our People. The Steelcase warranty is the strongest warranty in the industry...that you may never need!

Current Warranties

Most products listed on our store are covered by the Steelcase Asia Pacific Online Store consumer warranty.

For any products not listed in the Asia Pacific Online Store Warranty, please check the following page for our broader Global and Regional product warranties.

Ancillary Partner Warranties

Ancillary Partner products are not included in the Steelcase warranty. You can find these warranties below.

Return Policy

The Asia Pacific Online Store Warranty can answer any questions you have about products purchased through our online store.

Work. Game. Repeat.

Our chairs exceed the limits of what a chair can do for you, for both work and play. Explore customized chair solutions precisely designed for the way you sit, the way you game and all the ways you move throughout your day.

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