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Think Leather Edition

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  • Upholstered black leather back and seat; Black Frame
  • Upholstered black leather back and seat; Black Frame
  • Upholstered black leather back and seat; Black Frame
  • Upholstered black leather back and seat; Black Frame
  • Upholstered black leather back and seat; Black Frame
  • Upholstered black leather back and seat; Black Frame
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Introducing Think

Smart. Simple. Sustainable. A chair that intuitively responds to the movement of the body, Think® was also the first product in the world  to be granted the Cradle to Cradle® environmental certification.

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Flexes To Fit You

Your profile seat and back. as you change position throughout the workday, individually shaped back flexors track with the movement of your spine and pelvis and seat flexors conform to your shape. the result: optimum support and comfort.

Made For People Who Sit

Think adapts cleverly to your natural movements and has simple controls that are easy to find, understand and use.

Adjustability Features

Weight-activated mechanism that recognizes your weight and adjusts itself accordingly. Comfort dial allows you to select one of four positions to adjust the amount of back tension and recline. Height, width, pivot and depth adjustable armrests provide personalized support for your arms.. Adjustable seat depth that allows individuals to achieve long-term comfort.

Sustainable Design

Designed with sustainability in mind. Up to 95% recyclable, & made with up to 28% recycled content.



997mm - 1124mm
569mm - 880mm
534mm - 601mm
Seat width
Back height
Soft castors for hard flooring

Technical Drawing


Soft Casters Suitable For Hardwood Floors

Steelcase Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Lifetime Warranty: Frame, seat shell, outer-back, arm frame structure, base, stool, foot ring
  • 12 Years: Mechanism, pneumatic cylinders/gas lifts, arm caps, foam, casters, and glides

Surface Material:

12 Years: Laminate, wood veneer and solid surface, all standard vertical surface textiles

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Think Ergonomic Chair Redesigned

Think is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our understanding of people who sit — and how they sit throughout the day.

Our learnings are based on research and collaboration with universities, including the Technical University of Denmark, Michigan State University and the University of Vermont Back Research Center. To scientific studies, we add years of observational research in the workplace — with people who actually sit for a living.


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Think Leather EditionTypically ships in 7 - 21 business days
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